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Information and Updates!

The r/hr award nominations are opened as of midnight tonight. If you have a story hosted at CM that you would like to be considered for nomination and due to the site issues, you cannot link to it, one of your options is to post the story here. Within the summary, please let us know that this story has been posted at CM and you'd like it to be considered for the awards. Any questions, please contact the Wiz. Thanks!

Here are the updated stories at Simply Undeniable for the month of January

The GOOD ShipThe GOOD Ship Updates

The Cat-astrophe by pampongchamp (GA Complete)
After The Battle by misshogwarts1125 (MA WIP)
Together Forever by quidditchhair (TA WIP)
Catch Me If You Can by missgranger (RA WIP)
And The Ashes Will Scatter by BirdG (RA WIP)

Orange CrushOrange Crush Updates

Oh Mother by emeraldlights (MA WIP)
Out of the questions by Deri (GA Complete)
Ginny Weasley and the Half Blood Prince by ReisMacleod (GA WIP)
The Next Generation by Vivian526 (GA WIP)
Finding Us by MissWeasely (TA WIP)
Grave Days by Northumbrian (TA WIP)
Ginny in Waiting by Annemarie (MA WIP)

Restricted SectionRestricted Section Updates

Decadent by totalqt13 (RA WIP)
Right Here Waiting by EruditeVixen (RA Complete)
Shall We Dance? by deenas (RA Complete)
Are You Being Served? by pettybureaucrat (RA Complete)
Albus and Robyn by kenshinx56 (RA WIP)
The Witch, the Wizard and the Wall by CountWestwest (RA WIP)

FirewhiskeyFirewhiskey Updates

The Unwinding Of Percy Weasley by at1205 (TA WIP)

The Common RoomThe Common Room Updates

I Think I love You by squid7 (MA WIP)

St. MungosSt. Mungos Updates

That Terrifying Momentum by CalebNova (MA WIP)

DrabblesDrabbles Updates

First Meeting by DANIE22 (GA WIP)
Very Desperately by DANIE22 (GA WIP)
Like the Sunset and Melted Chocolate by deenas (TA WIP)

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