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These are the updates at Simply Undeniable for the weeks of August 24th and August 31st. Have a great week and happy reading!

The GOOD ShipThe GOOD Ship Updates

Why Do We Fight? by RonMione17 (GA WIP)
Where is the Seatbelt on This Thing?! by nels5189 (TA WIP)
Catch Me If You Can by missgranger (RA WIP)

Orange CrushOrange Crush Updates

The Girl on the Bench by DukeBrymin (GA WIP)
Harry Potter: Darkness Rising by notenoughpotter (TA WIP)

Restricted SectionRestricted Section Updates

Ginny Duty by CountWestwest (RA WIP)
To Know Their True Heart by kenshinx56 (RA Complete)
Secrets and Second Chances by potterhead37 (RA WIP)
A Magical Renaissance by BrandedFaithfully (RA WIP)

The Common RoomThe Common Room Updates

Aurelius by Jentry (TA WIP)

DrabblesDrabbles Updates

hogwarts the next generation by lovinchips1995 (GA WIP)

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